Every Body “Every Body” on the set in Tennessee!

Praise Pals® travels just outside Nashville, TN for a taping with Monica Schemelter of Bridges, on CTN (Christian Television Network).  Bridges, hosted by Monica Schemelter is an spiritual and inspirational show that tackles real life stories that give meaning and help to it’s audience.  “It was an honor and a blessing to be invited onto the show,” states Praise Pals® Partner and Co-Author of Every Body “Every Body” children’s book, Daryl Lynn O’Connell.  Co-Author, Carleigh O’Connell and real life body image hero was so appreciative to share her story the book’s message and Praise Pals® kindness cards.  Carleigh shares on set, “I am so thankful to be here to share my story and help others to know they are not alone.” Praise Pals® Creator, CathyAnn Sarra states, “It was a pleasure to meet Moncia, the CTN Bridges team and we appreciate all their dedication and communication to make this show happen. Bullying and body shaming is such an important topic that needs real attention.”  We will keep you posted on Praise Pals® TV segment, with Monica Schemelter of Bridges, featuring Co-Authors, Daryl Lynn & Carleigh O’Connell about their story behind the making of the children’s book Everybody “Every Body” and the positive messages of Praise Pals® future leaders of kindness program.

Stay tuned and thank you to Moncia Schemelter, of Bridges and the CTN team!

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